if a picture speaks a thousand words, what does it echo?

Welcome, I'm so happy you're here!

Chances are, you didn't find me via social media...2 years ago, I gave myself permission to leave the virtual world of fluff and comparison behind! The result has been good for my soul and reminded me of my WHY...

When I first started my business in 2005, the phrase "a picture speaks a thousand words" gave me pause. If my photos, moments frozen in time, could speak, what story would I want them to tell? I want your stories to be not only a reflection of what I see through my lens, but an effectual *echo* of your feelings in those moments. I want you to be able to not only see your newborn's soft skin, but be taken back as if you could still feel it; not only see your toddler's smile, but be taken back to hear his laughter; not only see the tender newlywed embrace, but be taken back to the sweet security, the smell of the air around you, the possibilities of forever...To me, photography is truly MAGICAL and I am honored and grateful to use my passion and experience to tell YOUR story.